Hondavert KPro

Last updated: Mar 28th, 2018

KPro Board Installation Manual

Contain information about KPro compatibilites, ECU Preparation and STEP BY STEP KPro board installation

Download PDF Download Fullsized Images

Software and Drivers

[RECOMENDED] KManager v4.2.3 PORTABLE. It's not need an installation. Work from any direcrory.

Download v4.2.3 PORTABLE

Older versions of KManager. Read Software installation first.

Download v4.0.8 Installation Download v3.1.2 Installation

KPro USB Drivers. If you have any troubles with drivers in PORTABLE version, please install it.

Download KPro Drivers

KPro "OUT OF DATE" Killer. Utility to search and remove "OUT OF DATE" keys in your system. Read software manual for more info.

Download KPro "OUT OF DATE" Killer

Any problems with software? DO NOT search it in another sources - Contact US First!

[BETA] HondaVert VirtualBox. For Linux, MacOS, Win10

Virtual machine with installed and configured programs. If you have Linux, MacOS or too lazy to bother with installing software.

HondavertXP [3,9 GB] VBox for Windows VBox for Linux VBox for MacOS VBox ExtensionPack

For Windows users. Install VirtualBox + ExtensionPack

For Linux users. Install VirtualBox + ExtensionPack.
After VirtualBox installation add user to the virtualbox group in the etc/group and reboot.

For MacOS users. Install VirtualBox + ExtensionPack

Hint: Without ExtensionPack USB 2.0 will not work. If you have any troubles with Virtual Machine - contact US!